-Boris Bidjan Saberi
Saberi is hands down a icon for fashion forward thinking. His aesthetic is very unique and very hard to find. If you aren’t familiar with his work I suggest watching the archived films he has on his website.

Finding a cool male handbag is hard to do, so I’ll just suggest this one made by Gucci. It should be relatively easy to find in Los Angeles, and I’m sure one could purchase it on-line as well.

-Christian Louboutin
christianlouboutin Christian Louboutin kicks are exactly how they look, fierce. Louboutin has been ahead of the game and he pioneered the spikes built-in the shoe look. Cool Hunter featured these bad-boys years ago and I instantly fell in love. I like how they’re classy and edgy at the same time. I could wear them to a nice restaurant or to the club.

Tatsuro Horikawa plays a huge roll in the design movement that caught my eye in 2010. He displays a very distinctive aesthetic that I really appreciate. It might be difficult finding his line in Los Angeles, I’ve only seen it displayed at one boutique. However, it should be easy to find his work on-line.

-Skin Graft
Have any of you seen Skin Graft’s Applique Holster? This comes in handy on those days you don’t want to lug your keys, wallet, and cell-phone around. You simply put all of that plus more in the Holster and walk on your way. One can’t help but feel like a badass sporting this little number.

Eyeglasses can make or brake an individual. It can difficult choosing a pair that works for you. So I’ll make the process easy and suggest this pair here. In my opinion, one would want a a pair that complements his/her facial features while showing class and style at the same time. One can’t go wrong with Versace eyewear.

-Forrest Bound
If you’re looking for cool accessories check out Forest Bound on-line. I’m really impressed with the work and detail owner, Alice Saunders, puts into her goods. Saunders searches for unique vintage material and custom designs each piece she finds.

-Daniel Patrick
I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Patrick back in March 2012. He’s definitely a leader in high-end mens clothing and everything he’s done since 2012 has been revolutionary. 50% of my closet is full of DP’s other label Knomadik. If you’re interested in seeing more of DP check out his store in downtown Los Angeles.

Daniel Patrick’s project, Knomadik, has been talked about among many in the Los Angeles area. Its not uncommon for many in my area to ask me if I’m wearing Daniel Patrick. Moreover, I’ve had many ask me where I shop when I’m wearing one of his outfits. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable outfits, Knomadik is the way to go.

-Gottfried Helnwein
I don’t recall how I discovered his work. However, I remember doing research on Gottfried years back and reading that he’s involved in painting and film. His paintings have a comfortable and yet sadistic feel at the same time. Furthermore, his paintings may at times seem gruesome with underlining beauty. I’ve always appreciated the Murmur of the Innocents collection and I advise all of you art lovers to check out his exhibit at your earliest convenience.

-Mark Ryden
The man is brilliant. Not many ask me who my favorite artist is, but when one does, I say “Mark Ryden.” An old friend of mine had a original black and white sketch hanging on her wall, when I asked “who’s artwork is that?” She replied, “you haven’t seen anything yet.” And she was correct. I did a little research on his work and fell in love. Unfortunately I was out of town during his last book signing event and I’d like to go to the next one.

-Erik Jorgensen
This is the EJ 50 by Erik Jorgensen. The EJ 50 is much more than a sofa, its a lifestyle. This stainless steel, fixed framed, with removable cushion sofa gets my modern minimalist award for its beautiful design and comfort.

-Ferruccio Laviani
ferruccio-laviani-molteni products-700-
I discovered Laviani’s work while surfing the web one day. In-Ex is one of my favorite furniture boutiques and I like to catch up with them from time to time. This Convivio Sideboard is extravagant. The shape, material, and color work well together, giving this piece of furniture a modern feel. This is from Laviani’s Molteni collection and it can be found on his website if you’re interested in seeing more of his work.

For all of you coffee lovers out there, you must try Intelligentsia. Have you seen the heart-shaped-design coffee photos posted on your Facebook wall? Yeah, they do that. Not only does it have a fancy design, it has a refined and smooth taste. Hands down the best coffee in Los Angeles.

-The Smiths
If someone were to ask me who my favorite artist or musical group is, I’d have to say it’s The Smiths. The band consisted of singer Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, and drummer Mike Joyce.

This is Richie Hawtins alias that took the techno scene by storm. I was heavily influenced by Hawtin’s 1998 Artifakts (BC) EP. Matter of fact, I still have it on vinyl. The Plastikman project is by far legionary and this is timeless music at its best.


-Joy Division

Does anyone remember this song? I remember the first time I heard it. I was in a ran down industrial type dive, there were poles and steel tables hanging from the ceiling, most of the crowd was 20-something and it wasn’t uncommon to see the dance floor completely packed. The first few strokes of the guitar draws you in immediately, the drums builds momentum, the synth line creates a warm feeling, Ian Curtis starts to sing and from there you are hooked.

-Matthew Dear

Ghostly International hit the scene and became known for their eclectic style of music and cover-art. I had the opportunity to DJ with co-owner of the label, Matthew Dear, back in 2010 at Hollywoods renown club Vanguard. That night he and I both played two sets. His first set was the Matthew Dear Live Band set and the second was his DJ set. I dropped two different minimal techno sets in between his performances. The energy was amazing that night and it was by far one of the highlights of my DJ career.

-Todd Terje

Terje’s Inspector Norse puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. I absolutely love love love that song. Terje’s music is highly stimulating and very groovy. Likewise, he has put out a good amount of original work along with remixing many popular tracks. I’d suggest checking out the two remixes he did for Bryan Ferry.

-Mr. Oizo

From what I can remember, Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo introduced me to electronic music. I was watching MTV one day and noticed a puppet banging his head to energetic music while sitting in the passenger seat of a speeding vintage vehicle. I was drawn in and fascinated by the music and the video. Since then I’ve been keeping my eye out on his production. Oizo’s music and videos are extremely impressive and he’s by far an amazing DJ. He destroys it on all on levels.

-Marc Houle

I found Houle while researching Minus records years back. I downloaded Bay of Figs and Techno vocals and dropped both tracks for the dance floor shortly after. Houle has his own style of techno. I’d say his style is eery, baseline driven, synthesized, and groovy. This is a forward thinker with a new aged minimal sound. Outside of his own production, he released two synth-pop mix tapes that are phenomenal. I absolutely love listening to these two mixes on a regular basis and hope to hear more in the future.