1. You’ve been DJing for sometime now, what are you playing nowadays and is there a cross over between the sound you started with?


The DJ set has a lot to do with the time and place of the party. In 2006, there was a energy in the air that can’t be explained, one would have had to be at the party to fully understand. I remember everyone, including myself, wanted to bang out a energetic set. It made since for the time because a lot of artists were putting out heavy remixes. Consequently, I started leaning toward a different sound in 2012 in order to keep things fresh. Todays set doesn’t consist of just bangers, it has a lot more variety now.


2. As a song writer, how would you describe your aesthetic?


At the moment mainly dark, experimental, and groovy.


3. What are your top five favorite songs to play right now?


My favorite tracks to play changes regularly. However, I’ve always enjoyed playing Lava Lave by Boys Noize, The Crow by Laurent Wolf, Walkman by Sebastian, Defiant Order by Birdy Nam Nam, Body Feels by Harvard Bass & Shaded, I’ll Get You by Classixx, and Phantom by Justice.

4. Outside of Electronic music, what else to do you listen to?


I’ve always been a huge fan of The Smiths, The Strokes, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Joy Division, and Tones of Tail.


5. You’ve had a good amount of residencies in Los Angels and the surrounding areas, how did that come to be?


It started by wanting to do my own club and evolved into doing many different clubs throughout the years. I think what happened was I started booking other DJ’s and throughout time those DJ’s and many other DJ’s and promoters wanted to book me for their clubs. My first two were in Hollywood, my second one was in Long beach, my third was in Riverside, and it has fluctuated all around Southern California from there.


6. How do you find the music that you play and where do you see the future of finding music going?


When I first started DJing, the only way to discover new music was by going to a record store and listening to different tracks for hours at a time. Not only was that process time consuming, it was expensive as well. I started blogging in 2006 and that worked wonders. It was like having likeminded individuals share their goodies with the rest of the world, I couldn’t believe it. I would spend hours upon hours researching different blogs. Since then, a few on-line companies came along and helped refine the search by genre and similar artists. Having the opportunity to stay in touch with labels and artists via social media has been amazing.


7. What are some of the labels you are following right now?


I’ve always been a huge fan of Minus, Items & Things, Inner-visions, Ghostly International, Sci+Tech, Ovum, Bush, Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels, Turbo, Drum Code, Ed Banger, and Kompakt just to name a few.


8. Is there anything that inspires you to write or DJ?


Yes, discovering new music inspires me to write my own and DJ. I also find inspiration in nature and architecture. I think traveling can help bring out a diverse set of sounds and can also allow one to see what others are listening to. I know the beach and DTLA have always given me inspiration to write and mix. To be honest, I just love music in general and I think I will always enjoy it.


9. What are you using to write music and what does your DJ set up consist of?


At the moment, I’m using Logic and Ableton Live; along with a couple of keyboards, drum machines, and sample packs to write with. Most studios have a amp, monitor speakers, and a sound card. The Sony MDR-V 700’s sound quality is impeccable. I’m really fond of the Native Instruments suite, Predator, FM8, and Vanguard. I’ve used analog gear and a handful of other applications so I’m not limited to anything.

The DJ set up is turntables, a four channel mixer, Ortofon needles, a Serato box, and control records.


10. What genre of music do you see yourself playing in the future?


I’m not sure where my DJ’s sets will be heading, but I know I will always have favorites to play, and as long as there are artists, including myself, making music, I will always have something new and exciting to play.